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Razor HD binoculars have a well earned fame for pushing the limits of optical performance. Small, light, bright, and strong nothing else comes close. With a Razor HD, youre looking at a binocular that proves pushing to the edge is worth it. Vortex Razor HD Binocular Features: Eye Relief Adjustment: 15. 5mm Close Focus Distance: 10 Field of View 1000 Yards/Degrees: 285/5. 4deg Interpupillary Distance: 57 74mm H 8 x Width: 6. 8 x 5. 1 Weight: 28. 7 oz Visually compare Optics Binoculars . Manufacturer brand item RZB-2104. As a publisher participating in a performance-based marketing relationship with AlsSports, we cannot guarantee the availability or price of the VorteRazor HD Binocular.

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